Garden Weasel

Garden Weasel


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Product Description

It’s the original 5-way tool that loosens the soil and weeds in your garden with half the effort… and twice as fast. Specially designed bladed wheels rotate crosswise to create a scissors-like action that breaks up soil, uproots weeds and automatically cleans themselves. Detachable blades can be removed or positioned to work between wide and narrow rows, around plants, with seed drill, or as a handtool. Comes with both a long and short handle. Four foot wooden handle shipped separately. Lifetime limited warranty. Or, order a genuine factory part to get your old Weasel back up and running smoothly.

  • Includes both a long and a short handle
  • Loosens soil
  • Does weeding with half the effort
  • Twice as quick
  • Rotary cutters throw out weeds


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