Purchase Terms

Shopping Terms

All merchandise purchased from Go Karts R us must be paid in full before an actual shipment will take place. You may however leave items in your shopping cart for a future visit, if you have logged in to our site, the shopping cart will be remembered upon re-entry into our site. We have no knowledge of your shopping cart contents (or care to have) until you actually send an order to us. Under no circumstances will any merchandise be staged for shipping until 100% of payment has been received and the order info authenticated. We check all Payment methods thoroughly against any fraud or misuse and fully punish abusers to the fullest extent of the law.

Payment Methods

  • VISA
  • Master Card 
  • Discover / Novus
  • Debit Card for large purchases you must notify your bank first about your purchase or your Debit Card will decline
  • Cashiers Checks
  • Bank/Teller Checks
  • Money Orders
  • Personal Checks*

Shopping Cart vs. Manual Order Form? The Online Secure Shopping Cart method is the preferred purchasing method and is much faster and most accurate for processing your order than the manual method. The Secure Cart system is a totally (100%) safe SSL encryption method (128bit) that goes far beyond normal safe web practices of today. The Manual Order Form is provided for those wishing to still order from us but in the older unconventional way, writing down what they want to order and sending (mail or fax) the paper order form. We support both methods but prefer the Secure Cart.

*Please allow 10 additional business days for personal checks to clear (Order will stay in Processing mode).

Payment Terms

We will process your order with the supplied payment method within 24 business hours. Your payment method is not charged at time of order (Pending) rather at time of actual payment authentication (Processing). If you chose not to use our secure site for ordering, then the Process stage is actually when we receive your payment (by mail or fax). If you order securely online (like 99% of our customers) then you will receive an automated email at each step of your order process as outlined below…

  • Pending (Order is in our hold bin awaiting personal review for next step)
  • Processing (Our staff is authenticating your order and payment info)
  • In-Transit (Your order is staged for shipping or is already underway)
  • Delivered (We have notice that your shipment is at your location)
  • Waived* (The payment method was deleted for the transaction)
  • Declined* (The payment method has rejected the transaction)

*Method does not incur any shipping and payment method processing was terminated.

Terms FAQ

Here’s some common Questions we’ve acquired from emails…

Q: How can I make payments on a go cart rather than buying it straight up?
A: Use your Credit Card, then make the minimum (or more) payments to your Credit Card Co. each month.

Q: What if I don’t have a Credit Card?
A: Apply for one! there’s offers for them everywhere. Just be careful and choose the one that’s right for you!

Q: My credit is poor, I can’t get a Credit Card so how can I still get a go cart without initial funds?
A: See your personal lending institution (bank). They know you best and should be the one that is most willing to lend you money, right?

Q: Do you take layaways?
A: Yes, but all layaways must be paid in full by November 1st (11/01/XI). These are very high volume buying days for Go Karts R us and we do not reserve whole units during this period.

Q: If I send you a personal check will my order be sent immediately?
A: Unfortunately not. It must clear the bank and get returned to us as a cleared check.

Q: What other (hidden) charges do you have that will be charged to my Credit Card?
A: Absolutely none! Your payment to us is exactly what is on your order confirmation. If your order has not met the $100 (free shipping quota) then you will see a small shipping charge, Sales tax is only charged to New York State deliveries.

Q: Under what name is my Credit Card charged?
A: On your Billing Statement it will read as: Millers True Value

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