Customer Service

Product Questions

If your question(s) about a product(s) is of a personal matter please contact us. We will answer your question and return your email to you usually within 24 business hours. If your question(s) are not deemed as private or personal you will be advised to use the Forum.



If you are having your shipment sent to another address other than your Credit Card Billing Statement address then you will be required to include this DA FORM (fax# is on top of form, or you can mail it to us). Your order is on hold until we receive this Different Address Form. This DA form will remain on record for your future purchases as long as you login and use your same account (phone, name and address all match last order). This is for your security and again upholds our effort to stop Credit Card fraud and misusage.

Order Problems

If you have a problem with an order please contact us immediately and our online Customer Service Dept. will act promptly to help you. If your item(s) are over 10 business days In-Transit and you have not yet received them please also contact us so we can track down or find out what happened to your shipment. Our Go Karts R us online Customer Service Dept. will act upon your request and take care of you in a prompt, friendly manor that you will appreciate!

Refused Shipments

If for any reason you decline, refuse, cancel, or just change your mind about purchasing your ordered item AFTER it has been processed and a “bill of lading” produced, meaning it has begun to ship to you by truck freight and it’s in transport to your delivery destination… there will be a back charge & invoice surcharge on your credit invoice. The “Free Shipping” or “Discounted Shipping” is waived and is only given on completed paid-in-full delivered transactions. Your credit invoice will have your ordered item credited in FULL minus the actual shipping bill “original ship to address and the return to origin” . Also a nominal $35 surcharge is also on your credit invoice, this is for the handling, paper work & phone calls to re-route & return the freight. Sorry No Exceptions, be careful when you order and only order what you want! If you have questions??? ask before you place an order especially on heavy crated machines that incorporate expensive handling.


Whole Units

Un-opened Boxes/Crates may be returned, the following criteria must be met:
** Product was never assembled.
** Product parts/accessories never opened.
** No oil or gasoline ever loaded in engine.
** All Manuals/Warranty card still sealed in bag.
You the purchaser/consumer are responsible for all freight & handling costs.
Please contact us if you have a problem, we normally can work something out with Manco or Dinli, as they are very easy to work with on a problem. Remember customer satisfaction is their business and that sells machines for them!


Are returnable if unused (never installed) and in brand new Resell-able condition but are subject to a 35% restocking fee. Beware some parts are actually “Special order parts” and are returnable but a 50% restocking fee will apply. You the customer/consumer are responsible for all return shipping & insurance. Original shipping & handling is of course not refundable. Please be careful when ordering, pick only by part# that your parts manual instructs.

Non Returnable

i.e. Assembled/Partially Assembled… All Manco or Dinli Machine’s are sold as a registered sale. Once out of the factory condition (Boxed as) the machine is not in a re-sellable condition, as we would not ship this machine to another customer. (As in we did not ship you a pre-opened product!) There are no returns on these Manco or Dinli Machines. (We have no re-sellable value in a “used” machine), These machines are NOT returnable under any circumstances, you would be responsible for any resell on your behalf. If your machine is in this state, i.e. you have added oil & gas, the merchandise is now in the warranty phase and can be handled in that respect only.


MFG. Warranties

All Manco or Dinli machines are backed by the FULL Manufacturer Warranties only. The seller; Millers True Value & Go Karts R us does not personally warranty the products themselves in any form, and will not be responsible for any claims, damaged property, medical issues/claims or misuse of any products purchased on this site by the consumer, purchaser, drivers, riders or any such party from any legal firms/parties or anyone which may involve an interest. For defects or problems if any arise, contact us with the conditions and we will send you the part(s) at no charge. If you wish for a local “small engine” or “repair shop” to do the warranty work, please check with them first to find out if they can do warranty work on Manco or Dinli Units. We also can easily supply them the parts (for free) that they would need: The Dealer would have to be set-up with Manco ahead of time for Labor Reimbursement. (contact us) We also will help in a warranty situation in finding the closest authorized dealer to you. If you would like to know this information before you purchase, please feel free to contact us with your Name, City & State (and of course the info you desire) and we will reply back to you generally within 24 business hours.

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